About Us - We are GWC - Girls Who Code

We are a group of girls, part of the Girls Who Code, a national nonprofit organization aiming to increase the number of women in computer science. The girls who took part in the project were Lekhya, Lisa, Madeline, Anna, Shawna, Gargi, Sakshi, Gabriella, Juliet, Marianna, and Grace. The eleven of us have worked really hard for the past year to create this game, and through the process we have all become good friends. Our characteristics differ from one another, but our goal was the same.

Gargi is crazy, funny and she loves to figure skate. She can be really loud when she wants to and she is very outgoing.
Sakshi loves everything to do with music and art, also she loves unicorns, glitter, butterflies, and everything pink. She also likes to act.
Gabriella is very sarcastic and she likes to draw and play videogames. She also plays the violin.
Lisa likes to draw and likes to read and play the piano. She also likes to write. She also really likes peeps.
Madeline loves smores and loves reading and videogames. She also likes to read the news and play the violin.
Juliet likes to run, sing, dance and bake. People call her funny and she also plays the violin and the guitar.
Marianna likes to draw and she plays the piano. People describe her as funny and sort of shy. She plays field hockey, soccer and she does track.
Shawna likes to listen to music, draw, and read. She enjoys running, swimming, singing, and playing the ukulele.
Lekhya likes math and reading. She also likes horror movies and anything with suspense.
Grace wants to learn how to code and she likes cats.
Anna likes to play the violin, read, and run. She also likes math.