How to Play the Game

Our game starts in Hazel's (main character) bedroom. She has just fallen asleep and entered a dream. It's more like a nightmare, but she can't wake up from it. She can't escape! She meets strange characters in strange settings where she is told she has to complete and overcome some tasks and obstacles to escape the dream. There are three levels Hazel has to overcome. Level one is an a jungle, level two is in the ocean, and level three is in a blizzard. In each level, Hazel's goal is to get the key, which will bring her to the next level and eventually escape the dream.

To start the game, press the green flag. To move, follow the instructions below.

  • Up arrow or w key = climb
  • Down arrow or s key= move down
  • Right arrow or d key = forward
  • Left arrow or a key= backwards